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The Many Uses For Flyers

Where do you see flyers the most?

I don't know about everyone else, but I primarily see them being handed out on the sidewalk, or perhaps in stacks on the counter of a store. The image of flyers being handed out on the streets is by far one of the most popular images of flyers, at least, and I think too often people stereotype this form of advertising into that category.

Typecasting flyer printing becomes particularly problematic if you're a small business owner looking for some effective means of marketing your business, because the truth is flyers are a very versatile style of marketing, and certainly one of the cheapest.

What uses do flyers really have?

The first two methods have already been listed. You can go right out on the streets and start handing them out to people. A method like this going to have moderate success depending on a number of factors, such as the area your handing them out and what exactly the flyers are for.

If your flyer has a coupon or some other special deal on it you'll have a greater number of people take them, or if you're handing them out in a location that particularly appeals to those customers you'll have a greater chance of success.

I also mentioned the idea of having a stack of them in your store. This also works well if you can find other businesses that will allow you to place stacks of them in their store as well.

Along those same lines flyers are great for putting up on bulletin boards. Many different hang out spots are covered in bulletin boards you can make good use of with your flyers. Make sure you know of all the best places to target your audience and get a flyer up there as soon as you can and be sure your flyer never gets taken down.

If you have a really local business you can try to place them in people's mailboxes yourself, or go door to door with them. You'll certainly have a bigger time investment doing it this way given that you'll need to walk around yourself, but your flyers can now act in a similar fashion to postcards, and be right there in a person's home.

Of course, if you do have the additional cash you can try mailing flyers as well. The question is whether or not you want to save more money or more time.

The things I'm listing here are by no means the only methods for using flyers, either. Come up with some creative marketing pushes to use with your flyer printing. What you need to remember is to never limit yourself by failing to understand just how versatile a form of marketing can be.

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