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How to Write Flyer Content That Can Attract Clients

What makes custom flyers so popular is that they are very easy to design and produce even if you are looking at same day turnaround or overnight printing. Flyers are definitely very easy to send out to your targeted area.

Distributing flyers is another reason why many marketers and business owners choose them as part of their marketing campaigns. As it is often a one-page ad which can be designed even on a regular paper stock, your custom flyers not only can help you send a very effective message but you can also depend on these collaterals to help you save on costs that you surely need during these times of crisis.

While you can choose to acquire the expertise of a professional flyer printing company, you can design your own flyers at home by simply going online and downloading available templates from various printing websites.

On the other hand, you can also avail of the free templates and layouts that many software programs provide to help you start your flyer project. If you want to design them yourself, all you need is to print your required number of flyers in your personal laser printer, or go to a photocopying shop that can give you lower costs than that of a professional printing company.

If you choose to do it on your own, here are a few of the elements that you need to consider when designing your own custom flyers:

1. Write a powerful headline. Headlines are crucial to the effectiveness of your flyers as they are the ones that get the attention. Your headline will determine whether your target clients would want to read more of your content or not. As they say in writing class, in order for you to grab attention, you have to start strong in your copy. In addition, your headline can do that for you. Start with a great offer and arouse curiosity among your target clients.

2. Consider a "limited time only" call-to-action. This way, your target audience will be obliged to get in touch with you upon reading your message. Instead of letting them put your flyer away for safekeeping, urge them to act on your call so they will not forget about you.

3. Utilize the front and back side of your flyers. Do not forget to use the backside of your collaterals. You can write your ad at the front, and then add more information about your company at the back.

4. Include all your basic contact information. Do not make a word-search out of your flyers. Make it easy for your target audience to get in touch with you. Remember that you are marketing in the first place so you can have your prospects contact you for more information.

Finally, test your flyer printing so you will know which design can get you more leads for your business.

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