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How to Use Flyers to Promote Your Restaurant Business

Flyers are a great way to advertise your restaurant without spending a lot of money in the process. In this article we consider some of the design elements that you should consider when putting together your flyers and offer some suggestions for distributing them.

You can either have a professional designer create a flyer for you or you can modify one of the many free templates that are available online. Once you have a design your only costs from there are printing or photocopying charges.

Restaurant Business Flyer Design

1) Your flyers headline will go along way towards determining if it gets read or dumped. Put time into brainstorming a great one that makes people want to read more. Avoid using your business name as the headline.

2) Give readers a strong reason to take action right away. Don't let them put your flyer down and forget about it but rather give them a time-sensitive offer that they can't refuse to try and get them to dine with you within the next few days.

3) Keep the flyer clean and uncluttered so that it is simple and easy to read and the message is able to get across clearly. If possible use the reverse side of the flyer to go into more details about your restaurant, your menu or your chef while keeping the front side for the most important information only.

4) Double check for mistakes and accuracy before you print off 5000 copies.

Getting your Flyers into the Hands of Potential Diners

1) If you are just opening a new restaurant, consider asking your diners if they wouldn't mind passing a few of your flyers onto their friends. If you can do this professionally without being pushy and customers enjoyed their experience with you then success with this method is possible.

2) Handing flyers out in person can be effective. One of the best places to hit is the sidewalks outside and close by your establishment. Do a check with local authorities to make sure that this method is permitted and then get out there with a great offer to try and pull new diners in, particularly during the quiet times of the day.

3) Look for some free places in the vicinity of your restaurant, on notice boards or within businesses where you can hang up or leave flyers.

4) Get together with a few other local business and do a joint flyer promotion in order to get your message seen by more people and to save on production costs.

5) People sometimes have to see an advertising message over and over again before it sinks in so be sure to hit people again and again with the same message as long as you are not making a nuisance of yourself.

Many people these days say that flyers are no longer an effective means of advertising and this may be true for some area and some business models. But you owe it yourself to try every method of promoting your restaurant that is possible before you right off any options.

Flyers might be a great way to pull some new diners into your restaurant so give this advertising method the thought and attention that it deserves.

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