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How to Use Flyers to Promote Your Home Business

Many small business owners are interested in finding the most cost-effective way to advertise their business locally, and the solution is very often the use of advertising flyers. Flyers are full-page advertisements or smaller which you can print off in large quantities and distribute straight to potential customers. They're a great option for small budgets or for businesses that want to communicate with their potential clients personally.

You can make flyers yourself on any computer if you have time to design them, or you can make use of the services of a professional flyer printing company, which would allow a greater variety in options. Either way you'll need to have some particular ideas about what your flyer will say and how its presentation should come across.

The idea is to attract people's attention, so don't just use black and white if you can afford to do otherwise. If you are printing your flyers at a copy shop, they often do not charge for colored paper, or if they do it's only a few cents more. Adding this color will make your flyer stand out amidst a cluttered bulletin board. If you are already planning on a full-color flyer, then stick to white paper.

Your message needs to have a purpose beyond announcing your name to the masses. Share your products and explain what all the benefits of your services are. If possible, include a discount or promotion, or some other incentive. You have to give something to entice the reader to pay attention to the flyer, if you can't catch their attention now, you don't have a chance of getting them to look at your website or doing business with you.

Be sure to include a call to action. You can provide a link to your Internet business site or offer a number for them to call. Combining a call to action with a discount works well. If you like, you also can add testimonials from past customers. If you do, be sure to provide a name, location, and photo if the customer is willing to reveal this information. Also, use comments that are specific to your product or business dealings, generic testimonials don't work as they sound fake and contrived.

Now we've reached the most important part! Knowing where to advertise your business or where your target audience is likely to congregate is the key to successful flyer advertising. This is all about knowing your market. Wherever you see your potential customers, go there and find a visible place to post your flyers, or hand them out personally. Now you're in business!

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